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splatoon fandom ???? sue me by Rinie-Fan-oof-Wakfu
splatoon fandom ???? sue me
after almost 2 years i am STILL fandomstuck trash and decided to make a design for the splatoon fandom. god. fuck

splatoon (c) nintendo
do not by Rinie-Fan-oof-Wakfu
do not
vent art ??? i guess
my school friends has been shit to me lately hm

(this is not an oc or whatever)
oh lonely birdy by Rinie-Fan-oof-Wakfu
oh lonely birdy
i drew my friend's oc, bird, which is for birds
ok seriously this character is from her webcomic that you should read tbh it's pretty fricken great
here's the link:

bird (c) sharkbait-senpai
(ps ive been drawing lotsa redheads lately.... i sense a theme)
my evil ghost waifu by Rinie-Fan-oof-Wakfu
my evil ghost waifu
ain't that embarassing
i drew him human because humans are the only things im capable of drawing

skip the ghost (c) disney

[] the dark 

[] staying single forever 

[] being a parent

[x] giving birth 

[x] being myself in front of others

[]  open spaces

[x] closed spaces

[x] heights 

[] dogs

[] birds

[] fish 

[x] spiders

[] flowers or other plants 

So far: 5


[x] being touched 

[] fire

[] deep water

[] snakes 

[ ] silk

[] the ocean

[x] failure

[x] success

[x]  thunder/lightning 

[] frogs/toads

[] my boyfriends/girlfriends dad

[] boyfriends/girlfriends mom

[ ] rats

[x] jumping from high places  

[] snow

So far: 5


[ ] rain

[ ] wind

[] crossing hanging bridges 

[x] death

[ ] heaven

[x]  being robbed 

[x] falling 

[x] clowns

[x] dolls 

[] large crowds of people

[] men

[] women

[x] having great responsibilities 

[] doctors, including dentists 

[] tornadoes

So far: 6


[x] hurricanes

[x] incurable diseases

[ ] sharks 

[ ] Friday the 13th

[x] ghosts 

[x] poverty

[ ] Halloween

[x] school 

[ ] trains 

[] odd numbers

[ ] even numbers

[x] being alone 

[x] becoming blind

[x] becoming deaf

[x] growing up 

So far: 8


[X] creepy noises in the night

[x] bee stings  

[x] not accomplishing my dreams/goals 

[] blood 

[ ] dinosaurs

[ ] the welcome mat 

[] high speed 

[x] throwing up 

[] falling in love

[x] super secrets

So far:  5


Total: 29

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hey !!! i'm rinie and i'm a huge nerd
i post my drawings here and most of the time my art style is in a weird kind of developement process so yeah !
other than that hope you like it!

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